Deltaprintr Offers A New Twist On Desktop 3D Printers

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News Posted: Sat, Dec 21 2013 10:07 AM
The 3D printer market is wide open, particularly as it pertains to innovation, and a gang of college kids from Brooklyn are sticking their collective foot in the door with a unique 3D printer design that promises simplicity, fast print speeds, and inexpensive expandable print volume.

Instead of the box design that most 3D printers on the market employ, the Deltaprintr has an open air construction with a trio of tall aluminum poles with attached arms that control the printer head. The machine uses 65-lb fishing line instead of belts to control the carriages, and there’s a 10-inch diameter build platform and a small LCD display with an SD card slot.



The 0.4mm tip can handle printing at 100 microns, and the Deltaprintr supports 1.75mm filament.

The team is raising funds on Kickstarter to move forward with production, and with 14 days to go, they’ve drummed up over $150,000 of their $195,000 goal. Judging from the pledge packages, a fully assembled Deltaprintr costs just $685, which is an impressively low price that will likely drop even more once the team gets past the prototype stage.
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