Google Glass Explorers Get A Free One-Time Swap For Glass V2

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News Posted: Thu, Dec 5 2013 11:06 AM
A second version of Google Glass is on its way, and the stalwart (and lucky) Glass Explorers will all get to try it out. The new spectacles will still be Explorer Edition--in other words, still beta versions of Google Glass--but it’s still exciting that version 2 is coming.

The updated Glass will won’t be dramatically different from the current iteration, but there are some significant changes. For one thing, v2 will be a little faster and also more durable, which will certainly both enhance the user experience and give users a bit more peace of mind when using Glass.

Google Glass

The new version will also be compatible with those prescription lenses we heard about (and heartily advocate), which, frankly, is a huge deal for those who regularly wear corrective lenses. Finally, updates include all new accessories, which Google said includes Shades and a new mono earbud.

Explorers who purchased their Google Glass before October 28th, 2013 are eligible for the free, one-time swap.
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sevags replied on Thu, Dec 5 2013 5:36 PM

DON'T DO ITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!

Really, I wouldn't. First off by turning in your original explorer editions I am sure there is some usage statistics that google will have access to that it didn't remotely? But more importantly they are collectors items and will only becoming rarer as they break, are lost, or are exchanged by some for version2. Yes Google may brick? your original explorer Edition at some point in the future if they aren't exchanged but years from now they could be worth a lot of money especially if this Glass or wearable computing really takes off, many will credit it as the first device to start it all. Look at how much old Macintosh computers and old videocards auction for...

so yeah, don't do it... Just buy yourself Version 2!

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I suppose if you're the sort that has an extra $1500 lying around, your advice would be good. ;)

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Of I had the cash I would buy one of these

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