Beats Music Stream Service Launches in January 2014, Reserve Your Username Today

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News Posted: Wed, Dec 4 2013 3:42 PM
We know what you're thinking -- the Internet needs another streaming music service like, well, the Internet needs another streaming music service. It's certainly a crowded field -- Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody, Google Play All Access Music, Rdio, Slacker, and the list goes on -- but that isn't stopping Beats Music from joining the fray.

Beats Music chief Ian Rogers confirmed that the streaming service is indeed real and that it's getting ready to launch next month. Given the brand recognition that already exists, this could end being more popular than people think, especially if celebrities get behind it.

Beats Music

"If you’ve spent any time around me in the past six months you’ve surely seen me buried in my phone making playlists, poking, prodding, and testing our forthcoming service, Beats Music," Rogers stated in a blog post. "Sincere thanks to those who have been testing the private Alpha-turned-Beta along with me. We’re nearly ready for liftoff. Thanks to your diligent testing and feedback we are locked and loaded, ready to launch here in the US in January, 2014."

In the meantime, you can reserve your username today, just in case this does end up being an instant hit. Just head over to the Beats Music website and click on the logo toward the top of the page. Alternately, you can check out the company's open positions -- the company is hiring a number of people ranging from customer service to engineering, all within the San Francisco area.
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does it come with a preset EQ with 0 mid, extorted lows, and unrecognizable highs?

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@RZielaskowski It does, but it's fashionable!

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You forgot the colors

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sevags replied on Thu, Dec 5 2013 5:51 PM

hehe I hate beats hardware and I probably will never use this service, but I went ahead and claimed 2 names already :)

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