Why Windows Phone Not That Popular Than Andriod Phone?

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madboy007 Posted: Tue, Dec 3 2013 2:50 AM

I got my first windows phone 2 days ago.It's awesome.not only it's novelty interface,but also its running faster,

I like it more than my iphone 4s and android phone,but why andriod phone are much more popular than windows phone? 

Dyou ever own a windows phone?What's your experience?

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I was given a Nokia 521 by a friend who got it at a Microsoft event as a give-a-way. Was using it as a little media player device around the house on wifi then ran into a situation where i went away for a few days and my phone wasn't charged but the Nokia phone was, since i needed to take a phone with me I took my sim out of my android prone and put it in the Nokia and went away for 3 days. Well i could do just about everything i could with my Nexus 4, had to get used to different apps to get things done but it was a pleasant experience mostly due to the fact that I have all my stuff synched in the MS eco system already. i think if everything were in Google I would have been really annoyed. the only thing i missed was google Music because i have uploaded my entire music collection to that.

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