Samsung Developing Three-Sided Wrap-Around Display for Galaxy Smartphone Line

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News Posted: Fri, Nov 15 2013 9:22 AM
The smartphone market isn't getting any less competitive. Just the opposite, there exists plenty of market research data to suggest that this already busy segment is only going to get much bigger over the coming years. That being the case, smartphone makers would be wise to look at ways to differentiate their products from that of the competition, and one way Samsung plans to do that is by using multiple screens.

Citing people supposedly familiar with Samsung's plans, Bloomberg says the South Korean handset maker is planning to release a Galaxy smartphone with a three-sided display sometime in 2014. The display will wrap around the edges so that users can read messages and notifications from virtually any angle.

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Sounds funky, but the technology to make such a device is already there, it just needs to be tweaked. According to the report, the three-sided Galaxy will tap into Samsung's existing Youm technology, which is featured in the Galaxy Round, the company's curved handset.

Whether or not consumers will be receptive new designs is another matter altogether. Companies are certainly willing to experiment. Some, for example, have jumped on the smartwatch bandwagon, while at least one other manufacturer plans to release a dual-screen smartphone.
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sevags replied on Fri, Nov 15 2013 5:16 PM

I'm glad Samsung keeps pushing the design envelope! However this idea does not seem too appealing. I keep trying to imagine uses for it and all I can think about is it would only be useful if I've set the phone down on a table or bed and right I lay my head next to it, but how often would someone want to view an alert on their phone without raising their head it picking up the phone? Never sounds about right. It also sounds like it would be more dangerous to drop your phone as it would always be falling directly on one of the screens.

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kalqlate replied on Sat, Nov 16 2013 2:44 AM

Using the sides as extra display space for notifications/status is interesting, but more desirable IMO is an e-ink e-reader display on the back, as presented by this Russian-designed YotaPhone phone:

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