Microsoft Blames Retail Partner for "Small Number" of Early Xbox One Shipments

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News Posted: Mon, Nov 11 2013 12:28 PM
Gamers aren't supposed to be able to get their mitts on Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One console until it launches to retail on November 22, 2013, a week from this Friday, however some lucky individuals received an early surprise. Due to a retail glitch, some Xbox One consoles landed on doorsteps two weeks ahead of schedule.

Microsoft's Major Nelson confirmed the early shipments, saying that only a "very small number" of consoles went out to gamers ahead of schedule. While Major Nelson didn't specify which vendor was responsible, it's since been revealed that Target was the one that missed the mark.

Xbox One
Image Source: Twitter (Moonlightswami)

Twitter user "Moonlightswami" tweeted a picture of his Xbox One console and then posted an unboxing video on YouTube showing a 17-second boot time and 500MB day-one patch. Microsoft had the video taken down for copyright concerns and further banned Moonlightswami's console from Xbox Live, but it's only a temporary ban until closer to the console's launch.

"Alright, I talked to Major Nelson and all is being resolved. He has invited me to the launch event. Details on it are classified," Moonlightswami posted to Twitter in one of several updates.
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sevags replied on Mon, Nov 11 2013 3:17 PM

What a lucky kid! I wouldn't have posted it on YouTube though.

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