Samsung Reportedly Sees 30 Percent Return Rate for Galaxy Gear Smartwatches

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News Posted: Mon, Oct 28 2013 9:15 AM
We've been skeptical of the whole smartwatch movement since it began, and though it's still early in the game, there might already be evidence that these devices just aren't going to be as popular as manufacturers hoped they would be. Case in point is the unusually high return rate Samsung is seeing for its recently released Galaxy Gear device.

The folks over at claim to have received a leaked document revealing that over 30 percent of all Galaxy Gear smartwatches purchased at Best Buy locations are being returned. There's no doubt that Samsung employees are pushing these devices at their Experience Shops in Best Buy, but even so, having nearly a third of these items get returned is abnormally high.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

As it stands, Samsung doesn't know why so many Galaxy Gear smartwatches are being returned and have asked their on-site employees to help figure it out. We can speculate that it might have to do with buyer's remorse rather than defective units. After all, these devices cost $299 each, and once customers get home, they may find out they're just not using them enough to justify the cost.

The Galaxy Gear features a 1.63-inch display with a 320x320 resolution, 800MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, built-in speaker, two microphones with noise cancellation, 1.9MP camera, and various sensors. They're intended to be paired with Samsung's Galaxy devices via Bluetooth.

What's your take on the smartwatch craze? Do you think there's a significant market for these devices?
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Didnt exactly see this coming, but it comes at no surprise.

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Not at $300. But I would look at them later.

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karanm replied on Mon, Oct 28 2013 12:38 PM

I got a pebble for half that price and I love it so far. Got all my email accounts synced up so I don't take out my phone unless its something with a lot of pictures that I need to see or respond to. I can control my music on the phone by switching between apps if i want or just going to the next/previous song. I can reply with preset text messages while i'm driving. Weather information, calendar information and Tasker (an app that I didn't know about but want to learn about because it sounds very interesting. Oh and the battery life is much better than the Samsung gear.

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sevags replied on Mon, Oct 28 2013 3:45 PM

I don't think there is a market for them given today's feature sets. I'm pretty sure the article is correct that buyers get one with the device and not end up utilizing the device to justify the price tag, and like I have said here before, realize that they don't wear watches!!!!!!!! Very few people wear watches these days!!! I am actually HUGE into watches but quality timepieces not the plastic or digital gps workout watches etc. At home I never wear a watch it is something I put on like clothing to watch the activity I will be a part of, for work I have a heavy duty Tsovet AR-77 that I don't care what happens to and is the cheapest watch I own. From there I have my dress watch, my white dress watch, my party/club watch, and my expensive baby my Breitling that I only wear a few times a year for occasions. Where in any of that planning would the Gear fall in? It would get destroyed if I wore it to work and any other occasion it isn't high end enough to wear especially if trying to look professional. The best case use I'm seeing for this watch is while driving or playing videogames where you can't let to of the controller to pick your phone up lol. $300 for a driving watch is a lot.

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HanyangXu replied on Mon, Oct 28 2013 8:30 PM

Smartwatches are awesome, but strictly for a niche market. As somebody who owns a tablet but not a smartphone, I would LOVE to have a smartwatch so I can stuff my tablet in my backpack and control it using the watch.

But then again, the Galaxy Gear doesn't work with my Nexus 7 anyway, so...

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ajm531 replied on Mon, Oct 28 2013 9:30 PM

Yeah also anyone who would take just five minutes to google "Galaxy Gear reviews" would save themselves alot of time. The poor device just got hit pretty hard. Basically it can some things but it really doesnt do them well. Its too spread out on what it can do. Also expensive as mentioned. And even more so let us not forget that its only compatible with the note 3 at the moment well actually i take that back its added more support but still only for the s4 and maybe GN2. I wouldnt be surprised if there were people who bought not properly informed and it didnt work with their device.

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