Adidas Announces a Smartwatch for Runners and Fitness Gurus

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News Posted: Wed, Oct 16 2013 2:24 PM
Product manufacturers far and wide and trying to bring the wrist watch back into style by integrating smart features into them and charging a premium. We have the usual candidates, like Sony and Samsung, and then some unusual participants, including Adidas, which is best known for its line of athletic apparel.

Adidas announced a new smartwatch for runners at GigaOM's Mobilize 2013 conference in San Francisco today. Unlike most other smartwatches, which focus on syncing up with smartphones, the one from Adidas won't have the ability to communicate with your handset, but it will provide information on your location, speed, and heart rate.

Adidas Shoe
From sneakers to smartwatches, Adidas has you covered.

It will also store music and be able to connect to Bluetooth headphones for hands-free workouts and runs. Alternately, you can receive tips and motivation from a virtual coach via Bluetooth based on your heart rate and how well you're doing with your exercise.

"We didn't incorporate anything we didn't think a runner wouldn't need or appreciate... we left certain things out on purpose," said Paul Gauido, vice president of Adidas Interactive. "We're not trying to make a smartwatch, but the smartest running watch."

Adidas will make its smartwatch for runners available on November 1, 2013 for $399.
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Soo... they made a watch that basically does what many smartphone workout apps do and they want to charge you $400 for it? I don't see this taking off. Who goes out for a run without their phone nowadays? If Adidas wanted to make something that would sell, they should have partnered with a company like Sony or Samsung.

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