Malwarebytes Techbench Offers Industrial Strength Malware Removal on a USB Stick

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News Posted: Mon, Oct 7 2013 9:49 AM
You probably carry with you or have at home a USB thumb drive filled with malware removal tools and other security software. After all, once word gets out that you know a thing or two about computers, the requests from family and friends to fix their PCs come fast and furious, and a self-assembled toolkit can make these repair jobs easier and less time consuming. Security firm Malwarebytes has taken this idea and built what it calls a USB-based "Techbench," which is essentially a professional grade anti-malware USB stick.

You plug the Techbench into an infected PC and it will get busy automatically detecting and removing spyware, Trojans, worms, and other forms of malware, Malwarebytes says. It's a no-fuss solution that doesn't require installing any software. You don't even have to hover over the process and twiddle your thumbs as it gets to work, because it runs in silent mode for all major operations; everything is automated.

Malwarebytes Techbench

It updates itself prior to scanning, and if malware tries to block the program from running, it uses the company's Chameleon technology to hide from malware and run anyway. If a restart is necessary, Techbench will perform one without you having to be there. Once it's finished, you can view a scan log for each scanned system in its own individual folder for easy reference. You can also have it install Malwarey Anti-Malware when it's all done scanning and neutralizing malware.

Finally, the other thing worth mentioning is that Malwarebytes left 15GB of free space on the Techbench so you can carry around your own programs and tools, negating the need for multiple USB thumb drives.

It's all pretty snazzy, though the price is sure to scare some users off. The Techbench is currently being offering for $400/year, a special introductory offer that's $100 less than its normal selling price.
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sevags replied on Mon, Oct 7 2013 1:31 PM

wholly cow bat-copter!! This is a great idea! Lord knows I have carried a USB stick or 2 in my day filled with these very same programs having to repair many peoples computers including works so I definitely see the value in this offering! It is almost a dream come true, something that my Mom or less tech savvy friends could do if I let them borrow this stick. I would have bought one just to throw into my drawer just for that rainy day when it will make my life easier.. Then I get to the price......... As if $400 wasn't enough they want that every YEAR!? That puts this device squarely into the "for pro's only" category. Clearly this is meant for IT guys or businesses with a large amount of company owned computers and not for someone like me who will just need it for that rainy day.

It is a shame I would have paid up to $99 (one time fee) just to have one in my drawer.

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zybch replied on Mon, Oct 7 2013 4:38 PM

What a tremendous waste of money! MS offers a similar tool, Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper, for free and as it operates from a bootable CD or USB stick it can detect and remove items that tools running under windows can't touch (rootkits etc).

Besides, malwarebytes main tool is getting worse and worse in detecting and removing the latest batch of malware effectively. Utter rip off.

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dont worry... it wont be long before everyone starts using it in the opposite fashion

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