Google Testing Even Faster 'New Tab' Searches In Chrome Browser

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News Posted: Mon, Aug 26 2013 11:17 PM
Many have pinned Google's meteoric success in the online search business to one primary thing: speed. The engineers at Google obsess over milliseconds, and it's because of that obsession that Google's products are generally top-shelf. Now, the company has announced that in its latest efforts to make searching and Internet browsing even faster, it's testing a new, smarter feature in its Chrome browser.

Last year, Google began testing a feature in Chrome to make searching from a new tab faster and simpler. If you're a beta user, you've probably seen this already, and evidently a lot of folks have provided useful feedback. Now, it's rolling out these small changes to a subset of non-beta users for Chrome on Windows, Mac and Chromebooks who have set Google as the default search engine.

Just open up a 'new tab,' search, and see if you notice any speed improvements. With each new tab, a new search bar should appear. Have a look and see what you think; it sounds like a small change, but small time savings can add up over the years.
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ECouts replied on Tue, Aug 27 2013 11:17 AM

Now if only Google could follow their developers own advice and GZip their pages for faster delivery.

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