Google Chrome 29 Released With Omnibox Suggestions and Profile Resets

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News Posted: Tue, Aug 20 2013 5:50 PM
A web browser, getting smarter? That's what happening with Google's Chrome, as Chrome 29 hits the public portal today. While we knew these changes were en route due to the beta release a couple of weeks back, the masses will now be facing a smarter omnibox. For those unaware, that's the URL Address bar; in Chrome, you can just start typing anything, and if it's not a URL, it'll become a Google Search. Starting today, all Chrome users will see improvements up there, including suggestions based on the recency of websites you visited. Mac users will also receive support for rich notifications, so you can keep up with what’s happening within your apps and extensions.

If you've gone crazy over the years installing extension after extension, Google understands your pain. In Chrome 29, it's adding a "Reset Browser Settings" option that'll zap it back to its original state, while leaving your bookmarks, themes and apps intact.

On the mobile side, Chrome on Android is being updated with improved scrolling and startup performance, as well as WebRTC support that will enable video conversation directly in the browser without a plugin. Better get it while the code's hot!
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