Walmart Announces 'Gadgets to Gift Cards' to Help Recycle Your Old Gear

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News Posted: Sun, Aug 18 2013 11:56 AM
The trade-in industry is exploding, spearheaded by annual renewals of hot products (iPhone, Galaxy S, etc.) that folks just aren't interested in waiting for. So, in order to get the hottest, latest, and greatest right away, many have turned to trading in older gadgets in order to cut into the price of a new one. This isn't a new concept in the video game industry; GameStop and other retailers have accepted trades on older games for years, and even re-sell those older games to those who are looking for a cheaper fix.

But now, Walmart is looking to boost interest in its electronics department. After a weaker-than-average Q2, where Walmart blamed a lot of that on the lack of new and buzzworthy gadgets, the company is unveiling a "Gadgets to Gift Cards" program. It's pretty simple in theory. You just bring in older smartphones, MP3 players, video games, computers, cameras, and pretty much anything with an off/on switch. From there, you'll get a Walmart Gift Card of some value, which you can then use anywhere in the store or via

The wild part is, all of this is facilitated online. You'll need to pass a credit check, select your products, accept the trade-in value, and then send in your gear within 10 days (with a free shipping label, no less). Of course, your gizmos need to be relatively fresh. If you don't think you could fetch $5 on eBay for something, it's probably too old to bother Walmart with. And, like with GameStop, you'll no doubt get taken for a ride on the trade-in price. Basically, you won't ever get top dollar through this program, but Walmart expects people to live with that given the ease of use. Folks may accept less money in exchange for a simple process.

So, are you considering turning your Craigslist listings and eBay auctions to Walmart?
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sevags replied on Sun, Aug 18 2013 1:11 PM

Silly question rabbit, trade-in's are for the ignorant.

I will never use a trade in program when I can squeeze out way more on Craigslist

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Dave_HH replied on Sun, Aug 18 2013 3:40 PM

I would gladly use this program for the junk that isn't worth selling on craigslist.

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Clixxer replied on Sun, Aug 18 2013 4:47 PM

Only if they took old video cards. I got a 4650 and 4890 sitting around with nothing to do with them. Dave is right though while you can put almost anything on craigslist it doesn't mean someone wants to buy it.

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sevags replied on Sun, Aug 18 2013 8:40 PM

Well let's see exactly what they will take back and at what prices. Trade-in services already pay you penny's on the dollar what what your stuff is actually worth so if you have something that you can't even sell on Craigslist changes are they won't be offering you enough to go out of your way to even mail anything if they offer you anything at all.

In the end all trade in services are a complete ripoff and the only reason to consider using one is if it was easier/faster but walmarts setup with shipping and even a credit check?!??! Doesn't fall under either of those categories.

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deadmanet replied on Tue, Aug 20 2013 9:56 AM

I'm just glad to see that it's an online service only. Last thing I need to deal with is the headaches this would bring at work. Too many people arguing with my associates on price and whether or not we will take said item. And knowing what I know, I can see people trying to bring in stolen merchandise. Be a lot easier to get rid of when there is no way we could require a receipt for return.

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