*SIGH* - Your Attention Please - Apologies for the Forum Email Issue

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Dave_HH Idea [I] Posted: Wed, Jul 24 2013 12:51 AM

Hello Folks,

Some of you may have noticed that forum messaging and news conversation messaging from our site has been off line for weeks.  It turns out the hosting company we use installed some software on our servers that was blocking this functionality accidentally and we weren't aware of it.

We have resolved that issue now but have since found out that our forum software was in a repeat deliver loop sending thousands of emails out, potentially hundreds to each of our registered users that may have had messages in the queue that weren't previously delivered.

We have since stopped that process and are having our developers delete the current message queue, so you don't get a deluge of duplicate email.

We hope to be back to full functionality later today - 7/24/13, with a properly functioning messaging system and no duplicate sends.

Thanks for your patients.  We appreciate it.  The good news is, we'll be moving to an entirely new and improved platform for HotHardware.com and our forum community very soon.  So stay tuned! Big Smile

Thanks again,
Dave Altavilla
Founder / Editor in Chief

Editor In Chief

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ajm531 replied on Wed, Jul 24 2013 1:25 AM

well good find. i did start to notice that i hadnt got one of the automated comment emails from you guy in while. and then i got like 5 today. So fortunately for me it wasnt like a 100 but good to know. appreciate the heads up.

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rrplay replied on Wed, Jul 24 2013 10:11 AM

....The good news is, we'll be moving to an entirely new and improved platform for HotHardware.com and our forum community very soon.  So stay tuned! Big Smile

thanks for the head up  Yes and looking forward to the new diggs Smile


"Don't Panic ! 'cause HH got's your back!"

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Thanks Dave I got up this morning and checked my email OMG had 2800 email responces from H H!! LOL I was thinking  what they just start a new giveaway??? LMAO I  did,nt know what happened!  All I knew is I wasnt going to open 2800 emails! Thanks for the heads up on this!






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Inspector replied on Wed, Jul 24 2013 11:59 AM

Is this the system that sends you an alert of a reply?


Edit: ahh this is basically most of the site emails. Maybe thats why its been so slow for this giveaway.

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Steveox replied on Wed, Jul 24 2013 1:22 PM

Thank you for the heads up.

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realneil replied on Wed, Jul 24 2013 3:15 PM

Glad to see you guys getting a handle on the problem. We appreciate the diligence Dave.

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Seeing as I'm new around here, it didn't really bother me. :)


But I'm glad it got worked out.

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I'm new to this so forgive me..didn't notice, but just trying to get noticed.

would love to win a gaming rig.Will be checking in on your site,

on a regular basis here on out.

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