Leaked Images Possibly Show HP’s Forthcoming iPhone-Like Smartphone

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News Posted: Wed, Jul 17 2013 9:40 AM
It's fair to say that the smartphone market has grown too large to ignore, and with PC sales in a slump, expect to see some OEMs get more involved in the mobile market. One of those OEMs is Hewlett-Packard, the second biggest supplier of PCs in the world behind only Lenovo. While nothing is yet written in stone, a leaked render of a new HP smartphone has found its way to web.

The render depicts an Android device, which is the same platform powering HP's Slate 7 tablet. As far as smartphones go, HP's ultimately axed the U.S. launch of its Pre 3 in 2011 and has been quiet ever since. Now that HP doesn't own webOS, it makes sense that a return to the smartphone arena would be accompanied by Android, the world's most popular mobile platform.

HP Android Phone
Image Source: PhoneArena

Unfortunately, the tipster who sent PhoneArena the leaked render didn't provide any other details, such as specs, price, or release date. A little advice for HP -- bring your A-game. The handset market is a crowded one, and it's a long climb to the top where Samsung and Apple currently sit.
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Marco C replied on Wed, Jul 17 2013 10:04 AM

Definitely fake. The HP logo isn't even centered and the blue led at the bottom of the front is pointless.

Marco Chiappetta
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Jun replied on Wed, Jul 17 2013 12:02 PM

I think it is fake, too, but that LED is for notifications like on many phones. The Nexus 4 has one in the same area.

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Even tho i know it's fake, what's up with all the copieng the iPhone design? Why not come up with something new...

- To be back on topic, I do think it's fake you can see how badly it is photoshopped.. =P

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let the law suits begin

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