Microsoft Building Windows Phone 9 New From The Ground-Up

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News Posted: Tue, Jul 16 2013 12:44 PM

Since the introduction of iOS, and then Android, it's proven extremely difficult for any mobile vendor to make a real impact. BlackBerry at least did taste sweet success at one point (how things have changed since then!), but Microsoft... that's an entirely different story. While there have always been fans of the platform, Microsoft has failed to deliver any recipe that's been able to coax people en masse to adopt it, and as time goes on, the company's goals are only becoming even more difficult to achieve.

Its most recent mobile OS, Windows Phone 8, was well-received overall, but it's impact has again been minimal. In some ways, this is a little surprising. While I could barely find anyone that liked Windows Phone 7 or earlier, I know many that own WP8 phones and love them - but that doesn't change the fact that they're being squeezed into the smallest slice of the pie chart.

Nokia Lumia 920

Given all of that, it isn't too much of a surprise to learn that Microsoft is planning to start Windows Phone 9 development with a clean slate. Will the modern UI be scrapped? It's hard to say - Microsoft itself isn't even sure at this point. There's supposedly no mock-ups, and no UI decisions. We're clueless, and Microsoft's clueless. It's safe to say that we're not likely to see WP9 for quite some time.

I am not convinced that this is what Microsoft needs, however. Admittedly, I've never been a big fan of the tile aspect of WP8, but again, I know a lot of people who prefer it. In some ways, it's actually a breath of fresh air over the similar design layouts of iOS and Android. Usage-wise, WP8 also seems pretty good.

HotHardware on Windows Phone 8

I believe one of the biggest hits against the platform is that there are not enough devices available, nor are there enough apps. If you're an application developer settling out to design a new app, which platform are you going to focus on? Microsoft? Not likely. You're going to go where 75%+ of the market is; iOS and Android. While Microsoft's Windows Phone store is growing larger, it still can't compete with the big two, and for people who want to be assured that they can get most apps they hear about, WP8 is not the place to be.

It seems likely that Microsoft will have to begin really encouraging developers to support the platform by way of rewards. It'd cost the company money, but up to this point, everything it's done hasn't had the impact needed. Simply put, if WP8 had the same sort of catalogs as iOS and Android, I highly doubt that the platform's usage would be measured as a single digit percentage.

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Microsoft on-the-hole has been slipping of late. No one likes the X-Box one, no one cares about windows 8, and no one really trusts them anymore for the NSA bit. I think we may see Microsoft either bought out or just go under soon.

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RWilliams replied on Tue, Jul 16 2013 9:09 PM

I tend to agree that if things continue the way they're going, then Microsoft's in for some reason trouble. It needs to learn that it should listen to its customers' concerns, because if you're continuing to rub them the wrong way, they're going to have little interest in your product.

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ajm531 replied on Wed, Jul 17 2013 12:17 AM

Excuse me sir but i believe its spelled xbone...jk. Anyways yes they are going to have to make some drastic changes. They will need to something like Google or samsung does with the development contest to encourage more development or maybe bigger payout or something for their. Otherwise if they dont cater to the devs then as mentioned the devs will flock to the bigger platforms that will undoubtedly give them the biggest payout. Although this whole idea of working it from the ground up is not a good sign. Android was revamped quite a bit in ICS but not wiped then rebuilt. Same for IOS recently. Once again revamped not redone. So its not looking good when you have to scrap your entire OS base and retry but maybe it will be for the better.

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I seriously don't know one person who owns any windows phone. I don't even think ive seen one in person.

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Well hello again windows phone users who will be left over by MS with the new WP version. It is highly possible that current and future WP8 devices will not be upgradable to WP9, the same mistake MS did with WP7.5. Too bad, WP is a nice OS, but the several hardware problems on devices is that make people flee to other platforms.

If MS is going to burry the WP8 users and forbid the update to WP9, I think it would be their second and final mistake, and the chance to gain user market will fail.

I hope that MS will NOT make the same mistake like with WP7.5 NO update to WP8 policy and also hope that phone manufacturers will deliver much better quality, the current quality of the WP device is very bad: reboots,freezes, signal loosing, call drops, phone update hangs etc. this is not ok.

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