GTX 295, overclocking these old fellows

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MagnusSgaardPedersen Posted: Sun, Jul 7 2013 3:26 PM

So the time had come, my two GTX 295 needed their kick of adrenaline so overclocking time :3

Core: 576 mhz
Memory: 1008 mhz

So i did my research to see what i could expect from the single PCB or v2 of this card, and it was anywhere from 640 to 700 on the core and 1100 to 1200 on the memory, so i started tweaking the core 10 mhz at a time, stressing with furmark and heaven benchmark, and a bit of gaming :)

To my disapointment i only reaced 620 on the core being unstable at 630, witch was less than everything i had found online but a boost of 44 mhz is better than nothing. To my glory though i managed a memory clock of 1200mhz and that's a lovely fee' as the thing my system is lacking is video card memory so why not boost by ~20% in speed

So i managed the following OC topping at 80 degrees celsius in gaming

Core: 620 mhz
Memory:1200 mhz



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