Apple's Rumored Budget iPhone Captured and Exposed?

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News Posted: Sun, Jul 7 2013 11:35 AM
Anticipation for Apple’s rumored plastic budget iPhone is high--not so much because it’s supposed to be a killer device as people want to see if it will be any good. A company called Techdy claims that it’s snagged one of the devices and produced copious photos and a little teardown to show it off.

Techdy's alleged plastic budget iPhone

The photos show a white-backed device that has a 4-inch screen (which is also probably plastic), and there are two mic ports, a headphone jack, a Lightning port, and a four-hole speaker grill. There is also a camera and LED flash on the back.

Techdy's alleged plastic budget iPhone

Bear in mind that Techdy is a company that specializes in knockoffs of phones--in fact, it’s already selling an Android lookalike of the supposed budget iPhone called the Basic Bear--so take this one with a big grain of salt. Actually, you should take it with a lot of salt; this should account for your total recommended sodium intake for the day. (It’s not impossible that they just popped an iPhone 5 into a plastic case and called it a day.)

Techdy's alleged plastic budget iPhone
Resting atop an iPhone 5

If this is the real thing, though, it’s not a bad looking device. And Techdy promises that it doesn’t feel cheap at all.
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sevags replied on Sun, Jul 7 2013 2:43 PM

It looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much nicer than my iphone5!!!! And to think it's stronger more durable and they paint won't come off the first day?!? WOW fascinating... If there was this plastic option for my ip5 I would have taken it in a heartbeat! Instead even with a very durable case my ip5 has become dented, scratched, and the shitty black anodization has almost completely come off.

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Yeah I'm sure the younger kids will love it but I'm so ready to get rid of my 4S and go to HTC One or Galaxy 4. I need moar power and moar screen real estate.

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