Latest Google Glass APK Release Offers Insight Into Forthcoming 'Boutique' App Market

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News Posted: Sat, Jul 6 2013 11:13 AM
Google posted a changelist of new features brought forth by the latest Google Glass APK (XE7), and they include expanded capabilities for the “OK, Glass” functionality, increased web browsing controls, the ability to call or send a message to anyone in your Google contacts, more refined voice search tools, and more.

However, GitHub user zhuowei posted some additional “hidden” changes in XE7 that he found by digging through the code. The most interesting bit is called “Boutique”, which appears to be the beginnings of an application market.

Google Glass
Google Glass "OK Glass" functions

He notes that there’s currently no central repository for Google Glass apps and said, “It seems that Boutique will fix this problem, by allowing Glassware and APKs to sync down to the Glass. There's code to sync the installed list of Glassware and to send currently installed native APKs.”

Google Glass web browsing
Google Glass web browsing

If he’s further correct that a native SDK is forthcoming, that would make developing apps for the spectacles much easier, too.
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All of this coming around the same time as the massive android security leak...

That sure sucks.

Hopefully nobody gets too deep into the google glass stuff to be able to do things like turn of voice notifications or make that activity LED on the front be off all the time. That could surely wreak havoc...

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