HTC Struggling Against Competition, Q3 Sales Expected to be Flat

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News Posted: Fri, Jul 5 2013 12:30 PM
HTC is struggling; despite better second quarter numbers and profit (about $41.63 million USD, as opposed to last quarter’s $2.8 million USD), fueled in part by sales of the HTC One handset, the company failed to meet forecasts.

Analysts noted that HTC’s June sales year-over-year were down 25% and predicted that Q3 sales won’t be much different than Q2 despite the July-September timeframe normally being ripe for growth.

HTC One sales are expected to be flat in Q3

Further, there doesn’t seem to be much in HTC’s pipeline as far as product launches go, aside from the rumored HTC One Mini that could launch in August. All in all, the intense competition in the smartphone market from heavy hitters Apple and Samsung is a bit too much for HTC.

If there’s any good news for the company, it may be that Samsung’s second quarter was also soft, as the company fell short of its own modest expectations.
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They need to bring their Note 3 competitor and add SD card slots and removable batteries. HTC One is definitely my favorite looking phone, but those 2 flaws keep me away.

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HTC One max... Aside from that, they need to invest in advertisement and they need to give stores demo units! Samsung sells better because I can show it off.

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