EU Votes In Favor of Suspending U.S. Data Sharing Agreements

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News Posted: Fri, Jul 5 2013 11:51 AM
The controversy surrounding news of the NSA’s wide-ranging spying tactics is causing ripples in other aspects of U.S. – European Union relations. Based on information released by Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor, the EU voted to support its own commission in the event the commission decides end data sharing agreements between the EU and the U.S. The commission is investigating both the reach of the NSA’s spying tactics as well as reports that the U.K. has been involved in a similar spying program.

The EU Parliament, which voted to support a commision should it decide to stop data sharing between the EU and United States
European Parliament

The vote could prove to be an important one because of the data that is being shared between the EU and U.S. at the moment. In particular, flight passenger information is being shared via a passenger name record (PNR) agreement, and banking information for suspected terrorists is being shared via SWIFT.  
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Sounds like the US is going to lose a lot of valuable information because they decided it wasn't enough to spy just on suspected and known terrorists... you must spy on everyone.

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