Firefox OS Smartphone From ZTE Launched On Spain’s Telefonica

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News Posted: Mon, Jul 1 2013 11:24 AM
We’ve been waiting to see a Firefox OS phone in the wild, and tomorrow that will become a reality with the launch of the ZTE Open in Spain. Service provider Telefónica says that this is the first commercial launch of a Firefox OS device; it will be available at Movistar stores for 69 euros, which includes 30 euros’ worth of prepaid talk time and a 4GB microSD card.

“We believe that smartphones need to be more open and that the web is the platform for making this possible,” said Telefónica España CEO Luis Miguel Gilpérez. Consumers should not be locked to any one system but have the choice to consume the content they want and the flexibility to be able to take it with them when they change devices.”

ZTE Open

He also stated that the company plans to roll out a “wide range” of Firefox OS devices yet this year, which ostensibly means that the ZTE Open, which seems to be a lower-end device, will be joined by products at the middle and high-end of the spectrum, as well.

ZTe Open Firefox OS screenshot   ZTe Open Firefox OS screenshot

The provider will be bringing Firefox OS devices to additional markets soon, including in Colombia and Venezuela.
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Low end devices... meh. I want to see something high and end and how it performs.

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usafinn replied on Mon, Jul 1 2013 1:41 PM

This interesting, however, I have not got my head around a Windows phone yet.  Maybe if these OSs take off...

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I would also like to see how the OS preforms on a high end device. And I wonder what kind of apps will be made available when it makes it to the US shores.

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