Instagram Attacked By Crazed Fruit-Loving Diet Spammers

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News Posted: Sun, Jun 30 2013 3:04 PM
When it comes to the web business, you might say you know you've "arrived" when the spammers show up.  Instagram, the blazingly hot photo and video-sharing service owned by Facebook and now topping 130 million monthly active users, definitely seems to have crossed that threshold.  You might say Instagram is where all the cool kids are going after Facebook actually.  Well, it seems that spammers have taken a liking to Instragram's popularity as well and have showed up in droves to attack the burgeoning community.

If you've recently seen a rash of fruity looking pictures hitting your stream, you're not going crazy and no, your friends aren't trying to get you to join the latest all-fruit dieting craze.  It's actually the unfortunate work of spammers. Reportedly a link will take you to a counterfit BBC page and that link has sucked in over 30 thousand clicks and counting. Affected users then have photos they don't authorize posted to their photo-stream and even have a URL changed in their user profile.

Instagram Attacked By Fruit-Loving Spammers

Facebook and Instagram haven't responded to the issue as of yet but it's sure to get their attention soon, as more and more users are affected.  Welcome to the party, Instagram.  We have a Nigerian Sugar Daddy that wants to send you a tidy $30.4 million dollars, if only you'd be so kind as to send him your bank account info.
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Well, at least it is just fruit, and not some other more, disgusting subjects.

I mean, it still sucks that this happened, but at the very least it isn't as bad as it could be.

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LOL what if we get spammed by earth friendly power saving people on this forum?

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