Not Detecting HD in BIOS / Acer Laptop

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krikle Posted: Sat, Jun 15 2013 4:10 PM

Hi guys,

A weird problem. Maybe it's just something small I'm missing but I can't get this to work at all. First I got the screen "no operating system". I thought it was just that - Windows needing to be reinstalled. Then I noticed the BIOS was not detecting the hard drive so I figured it was gone. I tested the hard drive 100% and it was 100% good. Despite this, I replaced it with a brand new one anyway. Install the HD, same problem: not detecting in BIOS. I can't install Win 7 because the drive isn't detecting and when I choose the language, etc it gives me the message "No drives were found, load drivers...etc.."

I tried it with the Acer recovery disc that goes with the laptop, same thing basically. I got as far as selecting which option, language etc and then it gave me a message about how it failed to load partition table or something. Basically, the problem is that the BIOS is not detecting the hard drives and I don't know why. I tried choosing "IDE mode" and AHCI" mode. Set everything back to default settings in BIOS - nothing.

This is an Acer V5-531 that came installed with Windows 7. It is a very slim laptop and they're using one of those cables to connect the hard drive tot he motherboard. The SATA port is not on the actual motherboard. Its on this cable and the cable connects to the board. I'm wondering if maybe that cable is at fault? Considering it won't detect either hard drive.

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Super Dave replied on Sun, Jun 16 2013 12:40 AM

I'm wondering if maybe that cable is at fault? Considering it won't detect either hard drive.

I would definitely replace the cable. Hopefully that's the problem and you don't have a bad mainboard.

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