HTC First Facebook Phone Is a Flop, Is Reportedly Discontinued

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News Posted: Mon, May 13 2013 12:00 PM
HTC First ThumbnailAfter several months of rumors, the HTC First emerged as the closest thing there is to a Facebook phone, only it doesn't appear long for this world. The fellas over at Boy Genius Report claim to have it on good authority that AT&T has already decided to flush the First from inventory and discontinue the short-lived experiment, though the writing was on the wall before today.

Not even a full week ago, AT&T slashed the price of the HTC First from $100 down to $1 (subsidized with a two-year service agreement, of course), essentially giving it away to anybody who wanted one and was willing to pony up for 24 months of service. Having slept on it over the weekend, AT&T has now decided it's not even worth giving away and will soon stop offering the device, returning its remaining inventory back to HTC.

HTC First

Citing an un-named source, BGR says AT&T sold less than 15,000 HTC First phones coast-to-coast through last week when the device dropped to a buck. That's pretty bad, though it bodes worse for Facebook than it does for HTC, which still has its HTC One and a few other popular devices to push on the populace.
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sevags replied on Mon, May 13 2013 3:56 PM

HTC should never have taken the gamble their place in the market is already a shaky one and they should be sticking to definite winners. this First phone integrated into FB reminds me a lot of the MS Kin phone devices which promised social media integration and failed as badly as First so far.

People don't want devices with close integration into any ! specific thing or site (I love gmail but would I want a gmail integrated PC? no.).

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Sadthe company is going through a hard time,it's stock value is decreased more than 80% aompared to the year 2011.

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