Nokia Boasts Low-Light Camera Performance of Lumia 928 vs iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3

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News Posted: Wed, May 8 2013 1:12 PM
For many of us, the camera on our phone is becoming the camera we use most – or even the only camera we own – so it’s not surprising that smartphone manufacturers see their phone cameras as a way to compete with the iPhone. Nokia is taking that approach with a new video that pits the Lumia 928’s low-light video recording capabilities against those of the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

On paper, the yet-to-be released Lumia 928’s 8.7MP PureView camera sounds great. It has Carl Zeiss technology for better picture quality and optical image stabilization technology to reduce that shaky video we all hate. With the video, Nokia lets us have a peek at the camera’s performance in a real-world test: a rollercoaster ride at night. Obviously, Apple and Samsung would probably like to have had some input on the test, but with that major caveat in mind, it’s interesting to see how the iPhone and Galaxy cameras handled the same ride.
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This is pretty cool. It's nice to see something new in a smart phone. Seems like most of the cameras on smart phones tend to be comparable.

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That is very nice indeed.

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I wonder if it's enough to make someone jump platforms, though? Would you switch from Android or iOS to Windows Phone for the camera, or is one of a number of things that would make the Lumia/Windows Phone look more attractive as a whole?

Either way, I agree, it's nice to see the attention being paid to the camera in the Lumia.

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What about the One?

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