Rovio Relaunches Angry Birds For Windows Phone With New Levels

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News Posted: Sun, May 5 2013 1:45 AM
Microsoft is pushing hard to get as many top-tier apps as possible ported to Windows Phone, and sure enough, Rovio is playing nice. One of the world's most popular mobile games is coming back to Windows Phone in a major way. Rovio is re-launching the original Angry Birds for Windows Phone, adding over 400 levels and being free to download through 5/15. The Windows Phone 8 version will also have Xbox Live integration with new achievements and leaderboards.

This will be a completely separate download from the original Angry Birds title that some of you may already own; the reason the company is re-releasing it is to make it "technically easier for Rovio to support in the future." In other words, even lower-end devices should be able to indulge. Enjoy!
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I want more levels for Angry Birds star wars. Aleady 3star it all.

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Well, angry birds is one of those things that everyone will enjoy, so I guess it is good to try and get it to everyone, so you make the most money.

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