Rovio Flings Angry Birds Friends to Android and iOS, is Free to Download

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News Posted: Fri, May 3 2013 10:23 AM
Can't get enough Angry Birds? We find that hard to believe with all the options out there, but if that's indeed the case, you'll be happy to know that the Facebook-centric Angry Birds Friends game made a mad dash to mobile and is now available to download on both iOS and Android. It's a free download, and like the Facebook version, it mixes traditional Angry Birds gameplay with social score keeping and competition.

To promote the competitive aspect and keep things fresh, Rovio plans to hold weekly tournaments beginning Monday, May 6th, and will introduce new levels every week.

Angry Birds Friends

"Every Monday a different tournament gets under way, with all-new challenges for you and your friends," Rovio stated in a blog post. "Use power-ups such as the King Sling, Super Seeds and Birdquake – or call in the Wingman to give you that winning edge on a new level. And when it’s game time, play for that gold crown and then brag to your friends about your glorious victories. Plus you can celebrate your wins on Facebook and even share fun gifts."

You don't have to worry about which version to use come tournament time, Angry Birds Friends on iOS and Android both automatically sync with Facebook, so you can skip around, depending on which devices you own and which one happens to be handy at the time.
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Freaking lame. Angry Birds is not competitive. Also the physics are kind of random...

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Its not really my thing, but I'm sure it will be popular. I think it's a good match for them.

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They have done so extremely well on those platforms that i received word from one of my co workers the other day that they are working with the playstation 4 to release an angry birds in 3d. That would be awesome! I posted a link to the concept videos on my youtube page. -

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