Why my Nephew needs to win the Spring Fling Computer Giveaway.

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tjphelan1 Posted: Fri, Apr 26 2013 5:32 PM

I am sure this is a long shot in hell, but I really think that my nephew should win the computer you are giving away.  If you look at my sig it's obvious I do not need it. 


My nephew's name is Brendan and he is 14 years old.  His mom had him when she was young and she has done a great job pretty much raising him on her own (she was married for a few years to an idiot).  He is an avid gamer, but just on consoles.  He has a laptop, but it is very basic and he cannot play many games on it.  He is very good kid, and as his uncle I have been trying to find old parts to put together a decent gaming rig, as his eyes lit up when we played Bioshock Infinite and Simcity on my beast recently.  He deserves it because he is not only a smart kid, but he is a fantastic big brother. 

About 2 years ago his little sister Izzy, was diagnosed with bladder cancer.something unheard of in women and even more so in children.  She has been through a few surgery's and I am happy to say she is cancer free today, and with the exception of her having to pee through her belly button you would never know anything was wrong.  During this time though' Brendan already a son of a single mom has had to be nothing but patient.  He has had to spend weeks with his grandparents while Izzy was having her main surgery.  He has had to deal with his mom dropping everything whenever Izzy has a fever and for this reason he has had to play second fiddle, pretty much all the time.  He always looks out for his little sister and makes sure everyone knows that.  He has never asked for anything but it would be great to give him something.  I know there are many enthusiasts on this forum and people who probably want this computer way more, but if as an Uncle I can show him there are good guys out there at least I know as he enters his years as a teenager he is on the right path.  Also it would be pretty fun to play some pc games with him.

For those who think I am making this up, this was my niece's webpage when she was diagnosed:


Thanks for hearing me out...

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