Intel Ranks #2 on Forbes’ Most Reputable American Companies List

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News Posted: Thu, Apr 25 2013 3:26 PM

Each year, New York-based consulting firm Reputation Institute, in conjunction with Forbes, queries thousands of consumers to help build a "reputation" list of companies on both a global and per-country scale. The goal is to highlight those companies that have great reputations - reputations so good, that consumer loyalty is high. On the other end of the scale, companies that do not appear on the list might have some work to do.

This year, 4,719 consumers partook in the study, and of these, Reputation Institute found that 55% of them would "definitely" buy products from companies with strong reputations, while 59% would be willing to endorse them. For companies with weak reputations, a mere 7% of consumers would be willing to recommend them.

As the title of this post suggests, Intel skyrocketed up the charts to place at #2 this year, which is sure to be well-received by the company, especially as it tries to ramp up its smartphone and tablet presence. It scored 80.05 on the "RepTrak" scale, which represents consumer satisfaction. That's up from 73.22 in 2012, where it placed 28th. For those curious, Intel's leading competitor on the desktop, AMD, doesn't place within the top 150.

The company to find itself in the #1 spot will no doubt come as a surprise to Star Wars fans: Disney. It scored 80.75 on the RepTrek scale, up from 75.67 in 2012.

Here's a quick sampling of other tech companies of interest, and where they placed:

Overall, those who place higher than others tend to only barely do so, so it's very likely that next year's report will see many flip-flops. Will Intel be able to hold onto its #2 spot? Time will tell.

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Google over Apple. Awesome. Oracle too high.

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Clixxer replied on Thu, Apr 25 2013 9:27 PM

I'm surprised Google isn't higher actually. Not a huge shock with Amazon at #3. Overall it looks about right.

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ajm531 replied on Thu, Apr 25 2013 11:34 PM

i guess if you dont count oracles patent trolling then i can see why they are so high since there products/software is so widely used. Sad to see rackspace did not make it on this list but i guess it really wouldnt since it really doesnt cater to general consumers as say does google or apple or amazon or any company that provides products that the average person uses

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