Yahoo To Grab Exclusive Online Hosting Rights To SNL Content

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News Posted: Wed, Apr 24 2013 10:32 PM
Well, that's one way to grab some attention! As Yahoo looks to reinvent itself under a new CEO, it's trying a few new tricks. And one of those, it seems, it grabbing exclusive rights to provide online access for Saturday Night Live archives. The famed comedy show has been online in various places over the years, but having a complete look at skits from 1975 through today is impressive for sure. It'll include "a library of show clips from the 1975-76 season" right on through today, as well as select SNL musical performances, behind-the-scenes clips, and a selection of dress rehearsal clips.

Yahoo! will also feature current season episodes non-exclusively and has distribution rights for library show clips outside of the U.S. non-exclusively. Marissa Mayer, Yahoo! President and CEO, said. "We are thrilled to give Yahoo! users the most comprehensive collection of 'SNL' content available on the web, and make Yahoo! a home for current season clips, as well as clips from the entire 38-season archive." Yahoo! and Broadway Video Entertainment will collaborate on building a digital hub for the "SNL" programming, which will be promoted across Yahoo!'s network. Archived "SNL" content will be removed from other video platforms and available exclusively on the digital hub for one year.

Here's the real question: is this a one-off experiment for Yahoo, or are more models just like this already in the works?
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ajm531 replied on Thu, Apr 25 2013 12:34 AM

wow howd they get that? i didnt even know yahoo provided digital content like that? Why though?? I guess to get hits on their website maybe? Doesnt netflix have it? Oh if netflix doesnt then i can go here. Its still cool though i just wish hulu had scored this deal since you know thats kind of their thing

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If that means I will actually be able to watch them rather than go through contents not available because canada is too cool, then I will be happy.

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eunoia replied on Fri, Apr 26 2013 2:52 PM


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I feel like yahoo is just grabbing whatever they can as fast as possible, then not knowing how to utilize it once they have it. The way I view yahoo these days is a sinking ship, with a few guys with buckets trying to scoop out the unstoppable water... maybe I'm the only one.

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