Netgear Brings Beamforming+ To Select 802.11ac Routers

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News Posted: Mon, Apr 22 2013 8:22 PM
Ready to nerd out? Great. If words like "beamforming" really get your geek juices flowing, you'll love the latest news release from Netgear. The networking giant has just announced that its R6300 WiFi Router and A6200 WiFi USB Adapter now have Beamforming+. It's available via a free firmware update. The new router firmware improves WiFi performance and range when connecting to other WiFi devices. You'll see even more improvement in WiFi performance and reliability when you connect your R6300 Router to a PC or laptop configured with an A6200 Adapter or with an 802.11ac device with Beamforming support. A second R6300 acting as a client bridge would also provide a higher performance solution for critical video over WiFi applications.

If you're wondering what exactly the tech is, listen up. Netgear says that Beamforming+ is a "smart, signal-focusing technology that extends coverage, reduces interference and dead spots, and boosts the speed of your 802.11ac WiFi connections." Basically, Netgear took the Beamforming standard and tuned it up for its own designs, recognizing the location of a wireless device on your network and directing the WiFi signal directly at the device, constantly checking and tracking moving devices such as your mobile phones and tablets.

This targeted approach amplifies the WiFi signal by adjusting the phase of the transmitted signal, delivering stable WiFi connections for voice and video. The result is a highly tuned WiFi network that optimizes overall wireless performance and delivers the experiences you want, such as fast downloads, clearer voice calls, uninterrupted HD video, and lag-free gaming.

Download the Beamforming+ firmware to enhance the R6300 WiFi Router from the NETGEAR support site: You can upgrade your A6200 WiFi Adapter here: The Beamforming+ firmware update for all other Netgear 802.11ac routers is anticipated for early summer.
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Clixxer replied on Tue, Apr 23 2013 12:01 AM

Wow very nice. I could see thing working well in 2 story homes when you got the router upstairs. 

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I'm no networking expert, but this sounds pretty cool. I wonder if more companies are planning on releasing routers that use this tech.

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sevags replied on Tue, Apr 23 2013 4:05 AM

Very nice!!!! When I was buying my .ac router it was between the Asus n66u and Netgear 6300 with asus winning most of the benchmarks largely due to netgears lack of any sort of beam forming at the time. I can't wait to see the updated benchmarks on smallnetbuilder, though I have no regrets with my asus.

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realneil replied on Tue, Apr 23 2013 8:00 PM

This is a really nice router. I look forward to the update for my Netgear AC router when it comes out. (but it's pretty good already)

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rapid1 replied on Tue, Apr 23 2013 8:53 PM

I have not as of yet grabbed an AC router yet though I have looked at a couple I wanted to see where they went for a minute because I knew there were several +'s to be had before long both in focusing technologies as well as within general capabilities and polishing of the technology.

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ajm531 replied on Tue, Apr 23 2013 9:18 PM

wow incredibly impressive. nice they are advancing router technology

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sevags replied on Thu, Apr 25 2013 1:24 PM

rapid1; Most of the .ac routers out have industry leading .11n/.11 dual-band-n performance. When I bought my n66u I knew I wouldn't have a .ac device for a long time and I still don't :( so any firmware improvements needed for that standard still don't concern me as long as the 11n side isn't affected and based on my real world use and reviews online I can say that it isn't. I think my router is like top 5 for N performance both speed and distance and by the time I actually get a .ac device most of the wrinkles will have been worked out if any. Both the 6300 and n66u were nearly flawless in smallnetbuilders testing and the 6300 just got better.

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