Zuckerberg Evangelizes Facebook Home In New Video Ad, Actually Entertaining

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News Posted: Sun, Apr 14 2013 12:06 PM
Facebook Home is now available on select handsets and is preloaded on the HTC First (available from AT&T), and Facebook is running a series of ads promoting the deep integration app launcher UI skin...thing. The latest ad shows Mark Zuckerberg giving his team a (surprisingly boring) “Atta boy, you did it” speech at Facebook headquarters, and apparently the actors in the ad are the actual team members that built Facebook Home.

At least one of the team members would rather dink around on Facebook than listen to Zuck drone on describing Home’s features, so he’s toying with his phone instead of listening. Hijinks ensue. Warning: screaming goat alert.

You have to hand it to Zuck: He can poke fun at himself (at least, on his own terms), and the ad is kind of spot on about how people instinctively and obsessively play with their phones when there’s even a moment of boredom.

Have you tried out Facebook Home yet? What are your impressions so far?
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Zucks voice freaks me out. Sounds like he makes it artificially deep. Really weird. The ad was good, but facebook, I dont even really use that :/

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It's interesting to me that a lot of people on the tech blogs I visit hate on facebook so much. I wonder if there is a correlation between social life online and offline. I had a time when I didn't like facebook, but as my social group changed, I used it more, and found it useful. Sure there is a ton of crap on it, but it is great for sharing photos etc.

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phenom2 replied on Sun, Apr 14 2013 4:25 PM

ahah quite funny the video ad!

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Clixxer replied on Sun, Apr 14 2013 10:57 PM

Facebook is so bad and so good at certain things. While its great for me to communicate with people across the country I hate people that give down the street messaging me on their then just text me or something. Facebook is here to stay until the masses get bored with it.

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