SimCity for Mac Launches June 11, Supports Cross Platform Play

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News Posted: Wed, Apr 10 2013 12:53 PM
SimCity is headed to the big Apple, not to be confused with the Big Apple (New York City). We're talking about the Mac platform, with availability scheduled for June 11, 2013, Electronic Arts (EA) announced in a forum post today. For those who already own the PC version of SimCity, they'll receive the Mac version at no additional cost, and vice versa.

Why won't the Mac version be available sooner? EA says Maxis is creating a native version optimized for Mac OS X as opposed to a simple port, hence the June launch. There will be standard and Digital Deluxe versions, both of which will be available in digital download form only.

SimCity Traffic Jam

Perhaps the greatest news is that SimCity will support cross-platform play between PC and Mac users. Everyone will be playing together on the same servers, allowing opposite camps to build cities alongside each other. How cozy, right?

SimCity got off to a rough start when EA's servers buckled under the pressure of requiring always-on connections. The publisher later admitted that its lack of preparation was "dumb" and offered SimCity players a free game download for their troubles. The always-on requirement is point of aggravation among gamers, undoubtedly contributing to EA being voted Worst Company in America for the second consecutive year.
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Now Mac users can experience the agony for a low price of $59!

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Clixxer replied on Thu, Apr 11 2013 12:39 AM


Now Mac users can experience the agony for a low price of $59!

Hey its on a Mac and im surprised the price didn't raise to 79.99 to pay homage to Steve Jobs grave.

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