Revamp of Logitech G Series Gaming Peripherals Backed By Extensive R&D

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News Posted: Wed, Mar 20 2013 5:01 PM
Logitech has a new line of gaming mice, keyboards, and headsets called the G series, and the company says it poured “endless hours of rigorous research and development” into the devices. The result is redesigns of four mice and two keyboards as well as a pair of new headsets.

The mice include the G700s rechargeable gaming mouse ($99); G500s laser gaming mouse ($69.99); and the G400s ($59.99) and G100s ($39.99) optical gaming mice. Features of the mice include 20-million-click lifespans, multiple programmable controls, and a hydrophobic coating on the palm rest and dry-grip sides for better control.

Logitech G700s
Logitech G700s

The G19s ($199.99) and G510s ($119.99) keyboards enjoy the same hydrophobic coating as the mice and include custom backlighting options, plenty of programmable G keys, and GamePanel LCDs; the G19s also features 26-key anti-ghosting.

Logitech G19s
Logitech G19s

In addition to the spiffed-up keyboards and mice, Logitech is debuting a pair of brightly-colored headsets, the G430 Surround Sound Gaming headset ($79.99) and the G230 Stereo Gaming headset ($59.99). The former features Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround sound, and both sport noise-cancelling mics that fold up and out of the way when not in use, as well as washable ear cup pads.

Logitech G230
Logitech G230

All of the above will be available in the U.S. in April, with availability in Europe in May.
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JLeBoeuf replied on Wed, Mar 20 2013 7:15 PM

its not like logitech hardware was crappy. the drivers are another story. "logitech gaming software" just does not keep up.

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I was in love with logitech's old mice. The G5 was amazing. Mine died and they so kindly replaced it with a G500. I have a love/hate relationship with the mouse wheel it has. I can't live without it in free scroll mode flicking through websites. I hate it in games because the click is just not as defined as the G5/MX518 and I scroll past my weapons. I always get the just use your number keys to switch weapons, but I have to stop moving to switch weapons. I run out of ammo and stop moving for a second to switch weapons. Right now I have torn apart my old G5 and fixed the short in the wire and I use that for games and the G500 for websites. I have been looking for a new mouse for a long time. I am sold on the Razor Naga Hex if only they had linux support. Or like most gaming devices had 3 years ago on board memory, but that has paved way to always connecting "drivers" that don't support anything but Windows and only on one PC.

This endless hours of rigorous research and development looks a lot like a slight upgrade to the current gen mice and a step back from the older mice they used to have. Why don't they see the huge market of people still clinging and trying to find MX518s?



Edit: After looking into the G500s it is just a G500 with a rubber back. I could have come up with that in a week. Rigorous nothing.

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You sure the hardware isnt crappy? Had a mouse wheel on a g5 that kept going up and down just by tapping the thing. Took only a little under a year for that to happen.

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