CyberPowerPC Debuts Fresh Line of LAN III Gaming PCs

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News Posted: Mon, Mar 18 2013 2:17 PM
CyberPowerPC has a whole new line of boxy gaming PCs for us to fawn over called the LAN III series, which is comprised of four different models that range from the compact and modest LAN III Mini-A to the tricked-out, burly LAN III Commander. Predictably, there’s a huge range of prices and configurations available for the four systems, but the cost is a lot lower than you might expect; the Mini-A starts at a mere $439, and the top of the line Commander starts at just $1,395.

CyberPowerPC LAN III Mini-A
CyberPowerPC LAN III Mini-A

The Mini-A’s basic configuration includes an AMD A4-5300/HD7480D APU nestled into an ASRock A75 motherboard equipped with USB 3.0 and SATA6Gbps. There’s 4GB of DDR3-1600 RAM on board, and the storage drive is a 500GB SATA (7200RPM) hard drive. The whole affair is wrapped in a Fractal Design Node 304 Gaming Case.

The next step up in the line is the Mini-I, which gives you an Intel Core i7-3770K chip, 4GB of DDR3-1600 RAM, integrated Intel graphics, and the same 500GB drive as above. The motherboard inside is an ASRock B75, and the chassis on this one is a BitFenix Prodigy with convenient LAN-friendly carrying handles.

CyberPowerPC LAN III Xtreme
CyberPowerPC LAN III Xtreme

The BitFenix handle design is also present in the LAN III Xtreme, and although their starting prices are close--$705 for the Mini-I compared to $795 for the Xtreme--CyberPowerPC has used different strategies in terms of how to spec them out. For example, the Xtreme starts out with a weaker Core i5-3570K processor, but it has twice the RAM of the Mini-I and packs an NVIDIA GTX 650 graphics card. The hard drive is also twice the capacity, the system boasts a 24X DVD+-R/+-RW optical drive, and it uses a Gigabyte Z77 motherboard instead of the Mini-I’s ASRock board.

CyberPowerPC LAN III Commander
CyberPowerPC LAN III Commander

The big brother of the group, the LAN III Commander, sports a powerful Core i7-3820 processor, 8GB of DDR3-1600 RAM, and an NVIDIA GTX 650 GPU. CyberPowerPC went with a 128GB SanDisk SSD paired with a 1TB (7200RPM) hard drive for a fast and spacious storage setup, and there’s a 24X DVD+-R/+-RW optical drive, as well. The case is a Cooler Master HAF-XB, and there’s an ASRock X79 motherboard inside.

All of the systems enjoy liquid cooling setups. These CyberPowerPC gaming rigs are intriguing, and the low prices are impressive, although we wonder what the bang for your buck will really be once you start upgrading components in a custom configuration.
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realneil replied on Tue, Mar 19 2013 6:24 PM

All of them look great. If they are built with the same quality that my CyberPowerPC was, (and I'm sure they are) then they are fine PCs.

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