Yahoo! Shutters Unprofitable Services Including BlackBerry App, Yahoo! Avatar, Yahoo! Message Boards

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News Posted: Mon, Mar 4 2013 10:46 AM
With all the excitement surrounding Yahoo! CEO Marissa Meyer’s decision to put the kibosh on remote working, another, possibly more important move has gone largely unnoticed: Yahoo! is trimming several major products as part of its cost-cutting efforts. Among those getting the axe are the Yahoo! for BlackBerry app, the Yahoo! Message Boards website, Yahoo! App Search, Yahoo! Clues, and Yahoo Sports IQ. Yahoo! Avatars is also on the way out.

Yahoo! Blackberry App Website

The move to cut Yahoo!’s BlackBerry app is part of an effort to cull unpopular mobile products from the current lineup of more than 60 mobile apps. Yahoo! plans to pull all support for the app and make it unavailable for download on April 1st. If you created a Yahoo! Avatar, you’ll need to download it before support ends for that service (also on April 1st). Once you’ve downloaded the avatar, you can upload it to your Yahoo! profile.

Yahoo! Avatar Website

As Reuters points out, Meyer’s decision to pull the plug on several under-performing products at once may be related to her prior experience with Google, which has made a habit of cutting multiple dogs simultaneously.
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Dorkstar replied on Mon, Mar 4 2013 11:15 AM

I think yahoo needs to stick to what they are good at.  Unfortunately, I just can't recall what exactly that is.

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