Mini Egg tumbler speaker

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thelastslaith Posted: Wed, Feb 27 2013 1:51 PM

Mini Egg tumbler speaker


I recently bought this speaker for $9.01 (Approximately £6.30 including shipping) from china. Similar to any mini speaker such as a hamburger speaker the purpose of this product is for music on the move, my prefered purpose is for a mobile presentation setup to add a boost to laptop speakers.

Basic Mini hamburger speakers


This speaker is significantly more powerful than the basic hamburger speakers around while it is also significantly bigger at 8cm tall and 5.5cm wide so I will use my previous purchase of a Mini hamburger speaker as a comparison. Immediately the Egg tumbler speaker looks significantly better with a clearer finish while it opens and closes easily and when it is turned on the inside lights up and changes colour making it appear as a well put together product. In comparison the Hamburger speaker does not look as nice, does not close as easily however it does have the ability to work as a standalone MP3 player by just adding a sd card with music into it and its wire connecting it to a laptop is more durable.

Mini hamburger speaker with MP3 built in

Egg tumbler speaker

As you can see on the left the Mini Hamburger speaker has a slot to inser a SD card and a adjustment slide which increases/decreases volume and skips songs.

As you can see below when the Egg tumbler is turned on it glows and changes colours showing that it will always look better than the hamburger speaker.


The wire of the Egg tumbler has brought it down significantly as you can see in the pictures, The plastic has already started to break away from the wire. This happened over a weekend of being in a bag when I tested it. This is important because the speaker is useless without this wire as it needs to be plugged in and does not use a more common method. In addition you can see how short the wire is which makes it much more difficult to use as it means the speaker needs to sit directly next to the laptop.


One thing that again makes this a useful portable product is the rechargeable li-ion battery that can also easily be charged using small power kits. This means that you don't have to rely on batteries or a plug socket and the charge lasts for a good amount of time. In addition its shape does make the product itself durable so it doesn't break in transit.

I think this product is a great deal at less than £7 and I would pay from £10 to £15 if it had a good quality wire. I must recommend care with the wire if using this as a portable speaker. In the end I don't think I would buy this item myself just because the Hamburger speaker has so much more to offer with built in mp3 player capabilities.

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