Cant access drives on network PC

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zarker Posted: Sun, Feb 3 2013 9:04 PM

I've installed a new hard-drive, now cant access their partitions over the network, but I can access the older drives ok which have inherited their permisions from when I used Win XP.

I'm using a workgroup, not a homegroup. Both PCs on same workgroup. Network discovery is on. 128bit encryption (tried 56bit too on both PCs). No passwords required.

I've shared the new partitions the same as old ones.

I've tried giving FULL CONTROL with inherited permissions to child folders, for all users.

I've tried adding a specific username for the user on the remote PC, but it only allows me to specify local users not remote ones (in the LOCATION field I only see the local PC).

What am I doing wrong? :(


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