Google Developing Secret Experimental Wireless Network At Mountain View Head Quarters

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News Posted: Thu, Jan 24 2013 11:10 AM

Google filed an application with the FCC to build an experimental wireless network at its headquarters in Mountain View. Google has asked for many of the details of this network to be kept confidential, but a few details have been made public.

Google's application with the FCC reveals the company's plans to place about 50 base stations on its campus to support 200 user devices over the next two years. According to the application, Google plans to use LTE for the experiment, with devices that access frequencies between 2524-2546 and 2567-2625MHz.

In one of the documents Google filed with the FCC, we learn of the company's plan to deploy 5-10 base stations that will be mounted on ceilings or walls next to the ceiling inside 1210 Charleston Road and possibly at 1200 and 1220 Charleston Road. Up to 40 user devices are included in these plans. Google plans additional deployment on building rooftops at 1200, 1210, and/or 1220 Charleston Road and/or within or atop other buildings that are located on Google's campus.

Image Credit: Google

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realneil replied on Fri, Jan 25 2013 3:37 PM

Good. Maybe they're coming up with new and better ways to use the web.

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Recently I read about this in a news article and after reading that Google has requests use of frequencies 2524-2546 and 2567-2625 MHz, It is a spectrum of Clearwire mobile broadband service provider.

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