Apple Reportedly Already Testing iPhone 6 and iOS 7

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News Posted: Wed, Jan 2 2013 1:26 AM
With the tears of joy barely dry on the cheeks of holiday recipients of the iPhone 5, there’s a report that Apple is already testing the next generation of its iconic smartphone along with a new version of the iOS operating system.

According to The Next Web’s sources, developers have found app usage logs indicating that Apple is testing hardware with “iPhone 6,1” identifiers, and that the hardware has the iOS 7 operating system on board.

What’s more, TNW’s evidence suggests that, based on IP information, the app requests are coming from Apple’s Cupertino campus, which would indicate that Apple engineers are the ones doing the testing. The logs purportedly show that Apple is checking compatibility with some of the most popular apps in the App Store.

iPhone iOS 7

There’s not much additional information to be gleaned from the logs, but the sources indicated that iOS 7’s final features would be nailed down soon.
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Hmm, and no such hints for 5S phones? Does that mean they're bucking the "S" trend and skipping from 5 to 6?

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Hmm, and no such hints for 5S phones? Does that mean they're bucking the "S" trend and skipping from 5 to 6?

I found that kind of strange seeing that the Iphone 4s was so successful.  To me, the "S" just means,"this is the best crap we could gather to make our existing phone just a little better".  Since having the Nexus in the house, I think we're confident in finally making the nearly blindfolded leap off the cliff into the android playground.

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I am not surprised at hearing this. Apple is in the business of making money, and in the tech industry, if you wanna make money, you gotta be developing and working on the latest and greatest.

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