Stuxnet Worm Attack Resurfaces in Iran

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News Posted: Wed, Dec 26 2012 2:52 PM
A couple of years ago, the Stuxnet worm went on a bit of a rampage worldwide and hit Iranian systems especially hard. Primarily, it hit industrial targets including nuclear power plants and oil rigs. Stuxnet itself has faded a bit, although it was revealed this summer that another particularly nasty piece of malware called Flame had a lot of code in common with Stuxnet, indicating some level of cybercriminal collaboration.

Now, according to the AP, Stuxnet has cropped up again, and again the unfortunate parties on the business end of the malware are in Iran. Reportedly, the worm has attacked more industrial targets, including a nuclear power plant, in the southern part of the country.

Stuxnet and Flame
Stuxnet (L) and derivative Flame (R)

Civil defense chief Ali Akbar Akhavan revealed the attacks, also noting that the country’s computer experts were able to fight off the bug.

The AP report also noted that the Iranian government believes the attacks are part of a U.S-Israeli effort to undermine Iran’s nuclear program.
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sackyhack replied on Wed, Dec 26 2012 10:41 PM

Iranian-American here. I'm just numb to this kind of thing. It's really sad. The Iranian people are suffering for the government's incompetence and it's desire to appear strong internationally despite holding very few cards. At least China has its economy to back up its propaganda. In Iran you just hear nationalist garbage while you wait for your power to come back on so that you can see the face of your relative dying of some easily treatable disease which you don't have the medicine for due to sanctions. This whole US-Israel-Iran triangle of cluster***** is not going to have any winners.

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mhenriday replied on Thu, Dec 27 2012 7:04 AM

From what I understand, the US government regards certain types of so-called cyber attacks that are particularly destructive as acts of war and casus belli. Does this also apply to Stuxnet, admittedly a US-Israeli device deployed against Iran ? Where is the Security Council resolution condeming these acts and ordering to the perpetrators to cease and desist ?...


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Dorkstar replied on Thu, Dec 27 2012 10:31 AM

I'm all for cyber wars, as they are much less bloody.  No one is dropping mortars on my head when they are destroying my data.

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