Google News Rendering Sees Vast Improvement On Tablets: Sign Of Things To Come For Android?

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News Posted: Tue, Dec 11 2012 7:35 PM
The tablet world is a highly fluid one. On the hardware side, new rivals seem to be coming and going with record speed, and in terms of software, there's still so much experimentation going on due to the young nature of the platform. As Google tries to fend off arrow from Apple claiming that its tablet apps aren't actually engineered to render specifically on larger screens, the company has announced impending changes for its News service that could trigger a wave of optimizations.

Now, when browsing Google News on a tablet of any kind, you'll be able to find new articles, news sources, and even topics of interest with gestures. Swipe horizontally between sctions – from Business to Entertainment, for example – or tap “Explore in depth” to see multiple articles and other info related to a particular story. At first, the changes will be seen on the Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and iPad, but it sounds like Google's experimenting with this. In other words, if the feedback is positive, look for even more elegant changes to the Google side of the tablet equation.
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Dorkstar replied on Wed, Dec 12 2012 12:28 PM

Good!  Google news used to be my place to go for all news.  I liked you could check local news, as well as edit what you do and don't want to see.  However, after a year or so of using it, it just started feeling outdated and I eventually switched over to USA today.  I'm comfortable with USA Today right now, but if google does google news right, i'll surely switch back assuming this same update will be applied to the iPhone as well.

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