Capcom to Offer Free “Street Fighter X Mega Man” Game December 17th

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News Posted: Sun, Dec 9 2012 12:50 AM
Atari isn’t the only gaming institution celebrating anniversaries this year. Capcom is commemorating 25 years of both Mega Man and Street Fighter, two of the most beloved gaming franchises from the 1990s, by delivering a free crossover game for the PC that combines the Mega Man universe with Street Fighter characters as bosses.Indeed, you can defeat the likes of Ryu, Chun-Li, M. Bison, Dhalsim, Blanka, and three others, assume their powers, and use them to defeat the next guy.

Street Fighter X Mega Man

“Street Fighter X Mega Man” will be an 8-bit game with an 8-bit soundtrack, the latter of which was composed using mashups of classic Mega Man and Street fighter music. Even cooler, the bosses will actually behave similarly to their respective characters in Street Fighter. (Don’t get too close to Blanka. And yes, Dhalsim does the stretchy limb thing.)

Street Fighter X Mega Man

The new game was the brainchild of a superfan from Singapore by the name of Seow Zong ***, who pitched the concept to Capcom this summer at EVO 2012, so that’s the guy you have to thank for all the nostalgic time-wasting you’ll be doing starting December 17th when you can download Street Fighter X Mega Man from Capcom.


Check out the trailer below:

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RWilliams replied on Sun, Dec 9 2012 12:36 PM

I can't give Capcom too much credit here... it had no part whatsoever in development. It just had a couple of team members help with beta-testing it, so that the company could feel comfortable enough to endorse it. If Capcom itself was responsible for this, it would have been incredible.

Can't wait for it to drop.

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I just like seeing the street fighter characters in 8 bit.  They look so much nicer.

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OSunday replied on Sun, Dec 9 2012 5:11 PM

I Love 8 bit art! (16 bit is just as good too)

And it really is considered art, the difficulty it takes to create unique and recognizable characters and images with a limited number of bits for colors is just impressive and the same goes for 8-bit music as well. There's actually a whole genre of music dedicated to 8-16 bit music with original sounds and those emulated from Video Games to make music.

I seriously can't wait to give this game a go

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The best games in the world forever. amazing games!

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