Startup Company GreenThrottle Turns Your Android Smartphone Into a Game Console

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News Posted: Thu, Dec 6 2012 9:46 AM
Let's be honest, the time we spend making calls on our smartphones pales in comparison to all the other activities we use it for, like surfing the web, logging into Facebook, streaming music and video, and of course playing games. It's that latter functionality that a startup called Green Throttle wants to tap into, and given the power of today's smartphones, why not?

Green Throttle's tagline is "Games Reimagined," which simply means thinking about mobile games in a whole new way. Put simply, the company envisions harnessing the power of today's well-equipped Android smartphones and tablets in order to play console-like games on your HDTV.

Right now the concept is limited to select devices -- Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S II and S III, HTC One X, Kindle Fire HD, and Asus Transformer -- though the company says it's adding to the list "as fast and furiously as possible."

The way it works is rather simple. You load Green Throttle's Arena app on your compatible device and start gaming using the company's Bluetooth-enabled Atlas controller, which looks a lot like an Xbox 360 controller. The challenging part is getting developers on board, and that's where the project is currently at. One of the first supported titles will be ChronoBlade.

"Adding [the Atlas] controllers to the mobile version of ChronoBlade allows users to experience the game the way it was meant to be played; bringing a true console-like proposition," said Taehoon Kim, co-found and CEO at nWay.

Green Throttle is currently pre-selling Developer Packs at special pricing ranging from $45 (single controller pack) to $350 (10 controllers). Pre-orders are expected to ship on December 12, 2012.
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Dorkstar replied on Thu, Dec 6 2012 10:26 AM

I'm going to have to say this is one is too early. Unless you for some reason have a $200+ cellphone and not a $150 console, I just can't see where the niche is here. Surely a few people would pick it up, and it may increase over time as phones get more powerful, but I just don't feel we're there yet.

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I love how freaking close this looks to an Xbox controller...

when I first saw the picture I thought HH had posted something about a new company making modded 360 controllers, and was like "Wow....Really? Why would they post something like this?"

But overall, I think the price is a bit high...

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OSunday replied on Thu, Dec 6 2012 11:58 PM

This is a great product concept, and at $50 it's incredibly affordable.

Implementing a gaming environment with a social aspect through multiplayer is a great idea but even on the highest end phones I feel like they'd struggle with more than one input for a "high-end" mobile game that gamers would want to have multiple players on.

This has a lot of potential but like Dorkstar said we're just not there yet, but we are close and Green Throttle couldn't certain be the key player to break into the game (no pun intended haha)

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