Google Buys BufferBox, Could Hint At Same-Day Delivery Service

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News Posted: Sat, Dec 1 2012 5:45 PM
Google has been raking in money for years now, but it has also been spending a pretty penny, too. Some of that spending has been on various other companies, useful for bolstering its offerings in a hurry, and potentially in areas that it wouldn't enter itself otherwise. The latest pick up from Google is BufferBox, a Canadian company that could enable Google to rival Amazon's Locker services.

Google isn't saying how much money it spent on the company, but in theory, Google will use the buy to offer around 100 kiosks in select Canadian cities to start. It could very well be the birth of a same-day delivery service from Google, and given just how integrated the company is becoming in shopping and search for shopping results, it seems like a natural step. Something tells us it won't be long before it spreads to other cities, and finally, Amazon Prime will have some real competition.
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For me Amazon Prime's shipping has been awesome, but for me personally it also goes hand-in-hand with their Instant Video service (I have the Amazon Instant Video app on my PS3). It would take something revolutionary on google's behalf to tear me away from that.

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OSunday replied on Sun, Dec 2 2012 7:32 PM

Hahaha this ad was sincerely funny! Aside from the awesome service I immensely enjoyed the video, just to give a quick props to great marketing/advertising.

On another note, I use Amazon Prime fervently and I love the service. I order things specifically on Amazon because of their delivery services and prices. The only thing is I've had experiences where post men deliver items to your door without you being there where none of the afformentioned negative aspects of home delivery occur, and it's in the 2 day time span of Amazon Primes free 2 day shipping.

Whether or not the post man leaves the package or not depends on factors I have no knowledge of.. preference, company/regional policies? Idk, but I just wish they would leave the stuff at the door as long as it's not a large object making it overly visible and making passerby's curious or in value exceed $500-$1000?

Also not having an item delivered to your home but to a specific storage box would be inconvenient for anyone who doesn't live near by one or doesn't have one in the route of their daily schedule.

I'd love to see Amazon Prime get a little competition for competitions sake but BufferBox as it is now doesn't seem like all that great of a competitor, but with Google running it now and testing it out, in the future it very well could be.

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