AT&T Selling Refurbished 16GB iPhone 5 for $100

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News Posted: Fri, Nov 23 2012 1:16 PM
Here's a heads up on a pretty good deal for an iPhone 5 (one that doesn't require getting into fisticuffs with Walmart shoppers). Over at AT&T, you can snag Apple's latest smartphone for just $100 with a qualifying data contract and two-year service agreement, albeit it's a refurbished model. Still, it's the lowest we've seen the iPhone 5 to date.

That $100 price tag is for the 16GB model and is available in black or white. You can also grab the 32GB model for $200 or the 64GB SKU for $300, both available in black in white as well, and both refurbished. New iPhone 5 models sell for $199 (16GB), $299 (32GB) and $399 (64GB), so you're saving $100 on whichever model you go with.

iPhone 5 at AT&T

We have no idea if this is a Black Friday deal or not, as AT&T's website doesn't say one way or the other. However, Apple is real good about replacing the battery and chassis on refurbished models, so you shouldn't have to worry about getting a scuffed up iPhone. How long it stays that way is another question entirely.
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MCaddick replied on Fri, Nov 23 2012 4:24 PM

Sort of scary that refurbished iPhone5s are already being sold. These phones must be really badly built for this to happen so soon.

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sackyhack replied on Sat, Nov 24 2012 12:05 PM

Yeah, if they do this for the likely 5S, I'd be all over it, but I wouldn't be too thrilled about a refurbished 5.

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