PengPod, A Dual-Booting Android and Linux Tablet

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News Posted: Sun, Nov 11 2012 11:14 AM
True, the Android operating system is based on Linux, but many dyed-in-the-wool Linux users would prefer a tablet running “real” Linux, which is exactly what Peacock Imports is trying to do with its line of PengPod Linux tablets.

The short but sweet product lineup is intriguing and includes the 7-inch PengPod700 and 10-inch PengPod1000 tablets and PengStick mini PC on-a-stick. Both of the tablets run the A10 chip, can dual-boot (yes, dual-boot!) Android 4.0 and Linux 3.0.42, offer 1GB of RAM, 8GB of ROM with up to 32GB of expandable storage, and include USB, WiFi, and HDMI. The PengPod 700’s front camera is 1.3MP, while for some reason the 10-incher’s camera is just 0.3MP. Both tablets have a speaker and a headphone jack.


The PengStick has the same specs as the tablets minus the screen, camera, headphone jack, and speaker and with 4GB of onboard storage instead of 8GB. The mini PC supports resolutions up to 1080i.


All of the above sounds great, but there’s a catch: Peacock Imports needs funding, and the company is raising cash via Indiegogo. To date, and with 22 days left on its campaign, Peacock Imports has raised just $4,188 of its $49,000 goal. If you want to throw some money their way, there are various levels you can pledge. For example, $5 gets you gratitude and a special badge on the forums, while $10 or $17 gets you an 8GB or 16GB (respectively) bootable SD card preloaded with a bootable Linux image you can use on a PengPod. If you open up the wallet a little more, you can reserve yourself a PengStick ($85), PengPod700 ($99), or PengPod1000 ($185).

Assuming the money comes through, Peacock Imports says it will be able to deliver its products by January 13th.
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