Car Dash Receives iPad Mini Makeover Hours After Release

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News Posted: Fri, Nov 2 2012 2:26 PM
You might as well go find a pile of sand to pound if you were hoping to be the first person on the planet to install an iPad mini into a car dash. It's already been done, just hours after Apple's newest tablet went on sale, by the folks at Soundwaves of Tampa, and they have a handful of pictures and a 3-minute YouTube video (embedded below) to prove it.

The iPad mini is arguably a better option for car dashes than the regular iPad, both because of its smaller size and also due to the fact that it's the least expensive iPad model you can buy, save for refurbished units.

A couple of fabricators at Soundwaves of Tampa rigged a custom dash in a 2012 Toyota Corolla before the iPad mini was released. Once they had the tablet in hand, it was simply a matter of sliding it into the opening and pushing the dash back in place. The neat thing about the design is that it would be super easy to the remove the iPad mini if it ever needed serviced, or if the driver wanted to replace it with a newer model sometime down the line, provided the dimensions don't change too terribly much.

iPad Mini Dash

To go along with the iPad mini dash, Soundwaves of Tampa installed an Audison digital system with a volume control module located below the automatic shifter. It's a pretty sweet setup, at least until the driver crashes into his or her data cap.
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And since it's a video display device within the driver's line of sight, it's illegal and grounds for your insurance company to refuse payment in the event of an collision.

Plus which, I'd be surprised if it lasts through an entire Florida summer.

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Not to mention in most states the police will impound your car and arrest you instantly for reckless endangerment if you're caught with a moving image in the drivers view.

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bry2k2 replied on Fri, Nov 2 2012 7:08 PM

its a shame its a toyota corolla, what a waste

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Yes, it should have been a Yugo.

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«... at least until the driver crashes into his or her data cap.» I'm less worried about drivers crashing into data caps than about them crashing into other road users ! People who use mobile phones while attemting to drive a motor car are enough of a plague - what we definitely don't need in addition are drivers who play various games on an inbuilt tablet screen, even if the product comes from Cupertino (by way of Foxconn) ! Glad I do my cycling a long way from Tampa - even if I have to contend with a great deal more snow and ice on the roads here....


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