Ubisoft Launches Assassin's Creed III Interactive Trailer

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News Posted: Mon, Oct 29 2012 10:44 AM
Video game trailers are meant to make your trigger finger itch, but Ubisoft is taking things a step further with its new Assassin’s Creed III trailer. Ubisoft opted for a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style trailer that has you playing a big role in what you see and the outcome of mini flick. If you’ve been impatiently awaiting the latest installment of sneak ‘n’ slash franchise, the interactive trailer is going to set you on fire for tomorrow’s official launch.

Connor Surveys The Battlefied In Assassin's Creed III

The interactive trailer starts out by introducing you to Connor, who is seeking revenge during the American Revolution. There’s not much time for backstory, though, as he’s in the middle of a pitched battle and has a mission: take out the enemy brass. How Connor goes about that, though, is up to you, and that’s where the trailer starts to get interesting. At certain points, you’ll decide whether he sneaks or fights, and your choices will decide his fate.

You Choose Connor's Path In Assassin's Creed III

Sneak in or barrel right at your enemies? The choice is yours.

Interactive trailers aren’t entirely new – Dishonored is among the more recent games to have one, for example. They seem to be picking up momentum, though, and that’s just fine with us.


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3vi1 replied on Tue, Oct 30 2012 1:17 PM

Went to TexRenFest last weekend. You'd have to go to ComiCon to see as many assassins in one place.

What part of "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" don't you understand?


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