HP Dual Port Enterprise 146GB SAS-2 drives?

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bigtonydallas Posted: Thu, Oct 4 2012 1:59 PM

I am looking at replacing my database server after 4 1/2 years. I am looking at the HP Dual Port Enterprise 146GB SAS-2 drives which will go into an HP server that has a Smart Array P410i which has 2 ports(Serial ATA-300/SAS 2.0). I am going to buy 3-6 drives depending on the level of raid I choose. I prefer to buy 6 drives and make a raid 50. Or I could buy 3 drive and make it raid 5. And lastly I could buy 4 drives and implement raid 10. The total usable disk space would be about 192gig. I know raid 10 would give the best performance, raid 5 the best  protection /vs cost and then raid 50 which gives most performance and reliability but would cost more as I need 6 drives.

Which raid would you choose?

Are there faster drives that are more reliable?

Is SAS 2.0 the fastest interface?




Tony D.

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